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SPd-30 and Spd-S Midi Triggering.

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  • SPd-30 and Spd-S Midi Triggering.

    Hi! I Got Sdd-30 and Spd-S and Now I want to Trigger Sounds of Spd-30 by using Spd-S, So that I Can Play Spd-30 Sounds from Spd-30 throuGh Midi. I have 5-Pin Midi Cable.
    Please tell me what I need to Have Still to Trigger the Sounds in Spd-30 by Spd-S. And tell me what are the Cables required, how to make the ConneCtions and Settings On Spd-30 and Spd-S. PLease Can anyone of You tell me a CLear method. I tried by readinG ManuaLs but I didn't Got that.
    Thank's In AdvanCe.