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'Dead Hits' on TD-8 drum module. Help needed.

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  • 'Dead Hits' on TD-8 drum module. Help needed.

    Hello everybody,

    I'm think others might have experienced this too. It's something that truly bugs the hell outta me:
    Why is it that certain hits on the snare mesh pad are not picked up properly by the module?
    An example: I'm hitting the mesh, like, easy and constant on a 4/4 90BPM. All hits are performed >equally hard< and right at the center of the pad,
    but more and more often the sensor doesn't seem to sense all of them properly, resulting in one of my hits sounding clearly weaker than others (also apparent in the sound waveform). In the worst case a hit on the pad isn't 'heard' at all! (I call that a 'dead hit').

    Is there anybody out there who's had a similar experience and is there a way to deal with this really annoying problem. Is it the mesh pad sensor, is it a faulty cable, or is it (gulp...) the memory battery beginning to falter? An old Yamaha keyboard I have was recently producing 'dead notes' because the internal memory was out of battery power. I want to rely on my Roland TD-8, whether it's from the year 2000 or not. But this is really awful.

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    Is this when playing just the snare, and no other pads at the same time?

    What pad are you using for the snare?



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      Hi Bruce,
      Yes. I'm creating patterns based on one particular pad at a time. When recording such a pattern with just the snare this problem occurs (and it's a meshpad, so it should be sensitive enough).


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        Try RETRIGCANCL=1 and MASK TIME=0 at SETUP, TRIG, ADVNCD (after hitting or selecting the snare).

        But it could just be that the head needs to be tightened or the foam trigger cone checked by removing the head.

        Is it a Roland pad?



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          Interesting. Will try that out (the setup tip). It's a Roland PD-120.
          Tightening the head might be an option, although, from the looks of it it seems to be still in order .
          Hopefully the foam trigger cone doesn't need to be replaced or something.