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Zildjian Gen16's or ???

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  • Zildjian Gen16's or ???

    Hey everyone,

    I'm on my way to finally getting one of my acoustic kits transitioned over to electronic. I got my Hart Mesh heads, DDrums triggers, and now I have a Pearl RedBox module ( that I got a an unbelievable price).

    So, my next dilemma is what do I use for cymbals. Thinking Gen16's, since they feel like acoustic cymbals, although not totally quiet. But I also was thinking of trying to put Sound Percussion rubber mutes and see if they respond.

    Unfortunately, looks like HART is out of business, so they are not an option iguess. Smartrigger cymbals look interesting? http://www.smartrigger.com/

    I could use some other recommendations!!
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    Depends on what your primary goal is.... if you're looking for 'quiet', go with rubber cymbals ...Yamaha is leading the 'lowest noise in db' category.

    If you're looking for 'playing-feel as realistic as possible', consider all the metal-made cymbal offerings, like Stealth, Alesis, or Smarttrigger.

    Finally, if you are just searching for acoustic cymbals (without trigger-capabilities), that are quieter than normal, Zildjian Gen16's is occupying a niche of its own! ....You might want to have a read through our thread, before you shell out for these...:


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      You cannot put any mutes on a Gen16 cymbal, it will sound just like what you hear - a thud. The sensor is basically amplifying the vibration of the metal cymbal, so if its not vibrating, then you will not hear any sounds.
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