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  • Vh11.

    I've set my vh11 as per the td9 manual and it's working fine.. If when I finished playing I release the clutch do I have to reset again..or does it retain it's setting.
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    Reset each time you move the clutch. After a few times being a PITA to do you will probably stop releasing the clutch is my guess.
    The vh11 has a very small sweet spot in the settings to get the best performance, once you find it best to leave it alone for awhile. Unless you really like to spend time tweaking before each session. Some do totally up to you as are many things in our world.
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      Hey Garry! Shoulda just sent me a message!
      Once set up, you shouldn't need to change it - just keep your foot off the pedal on module startup.
      I like to set up my VH-11 in a 'cheat' position.
      I put the top cymbal pad low, partially compressing the cylinder on the optical sensor body - I never need 'fully open', and I like the smaller movement.
      You can play with the VH-11 a bit (well, I can with the TD-30!) so you should be able to find a setup that suits your expectations.


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        I set it as high as possible, which is only about 3/4". The top cymbal needs to slide over a cilinder in the bottom 'cymbal'. If you set it too high you will hear a clunking sound because the top then first hits this cilinder before sliding over it. By making sure the top cymbal is already slightly covering this cilinder this noise is eliminated.
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