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does the old TD-4 Module work with the TD-4KP Pads ?

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  • does the old TD-4 Module work with the TD-4KP Pads ?

    According to the TD-4KP Manual there are specific Padsettings for KD (4KP) and PD (4KP) on the new TD-4 Module.
    Does anyone know if the new Pads work flawlessly with the old Module's settings, or is it possible to update the old Module with these Settings ?

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    On the quick, I failed to see any 'firmware update' or so for the TD-4 module. In addition, on page 36 in the TD-4KP manual it says "The pad types KD (4KP) and PD (4KP) are designed to be used exclusively by the TD-4KP."

    To the best of my knowledge, the various 'parts' of the TD-4KP kit are not available seperately, only in complete kit-form. So I don't see why you would want to 'update' your old TD-4 in the first place: Either you bought the whole kit with the module (no need to update then) or you've a similar set of rubber pads (KD-7 or 8, PD-6/7/8/9's), in which case the 'KD-8' and 'PD-8' pad-settings in the module will work fine.

    A rubber pad is a rubber pad!


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