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TD-9 no cymbal sustain after panning

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  • TD-9 no cymbal sustain after panning

    So after a recent gig where I just plugged my TD-9's L/MONO output into the sound system, the sound tech at the venue suggested next time that I put the kick in one channel and everything else in the other. That seemed like a reasonable request so that's what I did, I panned the kick hard into left and everything else hard into the right, taking care to pan both the head and rim of each pad.

    Fast forward a few weeks later, another gig, same venue with the same sound tech. Plugged both channels in, everything seemed to be fine - until I tested out the cymbals. Weirdly, they had absolutely no sustain. I'd hit them, get the cymbal sound, but then the sound would abruptly cut out after a second or so and there would be no ring at all.

    This really confused both me and the sound tech, and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. The sustain was perfect at the earlier gig when everything was just going through one channel, but for some reason this time around, after panning the sounds to split them between left and right, I had absolutely no cymbal sustain. The kit sounds themselves were exactly the same between the kit I used in the single channel and the kit I used in dual channel, the only difference between the two was the panning.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be here?
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    Where the drums sounding dry, without any effects? Sounds to me a bit like the effects-section might be going out one output only or something.


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