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TD12 and Logic Pro X: how to synchronise ?

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  • TD12 and Logic Pro X: how to synchronise ?


    I try to record my Roland TD12 on logic pro. The problem is that I need to press record and start on the Mac then run and seat behind the drums and start playing.
    I wish I could use the rec and play buttons of the module to maunch logic.

    In the past I ve done this using my ubuntu studio PC and jackd. It was really easy. TD12 sync set to "remote", jack clients set to "external" or "auto" and voila.

    I've tried every combination of parameters on logic and on the TD12 ..

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated !!

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    Welcome to the forum, LeGrosMario!

    As I can't help you with the specifics of Logic, nonetheless I'd like to pass along a solution, which might is useful to you:

    I've always aimed to have plenty of 'Pre-Roll' time when recording a project (using Cubase). Instead of the recording starting on bar 1, I used the locator-functions to give my track plenty of air before the actual recording started, maybe 6 to 8 bars.

    So I could hit 'Rec', have time to climb my throne, and started playing when the audio came in on bar 6 or so! It's maybe just a workaround to your problem, but it works!

    Happy Recording!

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        Salut Legosmario, My computer is also far from my sitting place behind the kit. I fixed that with a longer video cable to bring my LCD next to my kit, and either a wireless mouse or a long USB cable to bring a mouse next to me. This way, I can make changes when I don't like what I am hearing, and start/stop m'y transport in my DAW. Easy, cheap and convenient.
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          When I was a child, we had a very long wire attaching the remote to the TV set, which was easy cheap and convenient too.

          No offense, perceval, juste a little joke

          There must be a solution ! It works on the other way: I press start on logic and it starts the TD12 pattern, at the correct tempo. So Logic and TD12 speak the same language. Now if I set logic as slave it doesn't "hear" the Start from the module. Although I see the exact same message in my midi monitoring software in both ways !!

          Maybe I'll end up buying a used/cheap pad and program midi notes on rim and center to start and stop recording ..

          Or else I could use my cell phone and some midi software to remote control Logic through WiFi ????


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            If you have an iPad, the free Logic Remote app from Apple will become your best friend.
            Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Logic Remote on the App Store. Download Logic Remote and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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