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Ez drummer tunetrack solo problem

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  • Ez drummer tunetrack solo problem

    Hi All, I can't connect my laptop to my td9 to run ezdrummer. Can you please help, I just want to jam not record, this is what I've done. Set my midi on the td9 to channel 10, and turned off the internal sounds. I have also chosen one of the td9 kits as my ezdrummer kit making sure the midi mapping matches ezdrummer on the module. I've connected my USB in cable into the module midi out hole. Downloaded ASIO4ALL drivers and have them selected, I've selected the midi in source as the USB cable and selected my channel as channel 10 like the module. Is there anything I'm missing? I can,hear the ezdrummer sounds only when I press it with my laptop mouse, but the laptop doesn't even seem to register any pads are being hit. This is so frustrating please help... Also I'm running it through tunetrack solo. Thanks

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    Have you tried to set the midi-channel to 'Omni' on both the TD-9 and ezdrummer/toontrack Solo, to see whether you get sounds triggered from the pads this way?

    Have you tried using another VST-host, other than Solo, for counter-checking purposes?


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