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Roland td-4 midi to usb connection

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  • Roland td-4 midi to usb connection

    Hi everybody!
    I recently purchased this midi to usb cable http://www.ashtonmusic.com/products/...tem/usb-rrange in order to connect my roland td-4 to my laptop. when i run addictive drums or kontakt there are some problems. when i hit a pad (any pad), sometimes i can hear the sound and sometimes not. what could be happening? i have already installed asio4all. should i note that as soon as i conect td-4 and the laptop a red light is blinking even when i do not play and i have not still launched any software.
    does anyone has experience on such a subject? are there any special settings that must be done?
    thank you,

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    Welcome to the forum, Nikos!

    Where exactly is a red light blinking? (module/usb-cable/laptop/software?)

    First, make sure all the cables are properly seated (sometimes a cause for inconsistent triggering).
    Then check the threshold settings on your TD-4 - lower it, until you get smooth triggering with every pad.

    Since you seem to get sound from Addictive or Kontakt, I assume you have already selected your Midi-interface inside the software you are using. Also, please make sure to prophylactically read through the 'VST-Primer', which is a Sticky in our VST-subforum!

    Happy Drumming!

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