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Quick Record on TD-9

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  • Quick Record on TD-9

    On a TD-9 is it possible to either record an external MP3 track using Quick Record, or to import the MP3 into the module so that Quick Record will capture it along with my drumming? I want to record external tracks I play to in addition tot the 50 songs included in the module. As it is now in the headphones it's all good. But,l when i replay the recording it only captures my drumming. Do I have to use an external device (laptop) to record with?

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    You cannot import the mp3s into the module....so if the external tracks are in your headphones but not outputted in Quick Record, the only way to change that would be to use an external device and record using software on the external device.
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      That's what I suspected. I was probably trying to be a little lazy. it's just very convenient and a lot less cluttered around the kit using Quick Record.