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Problems with my snaredrum !

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  • Problems with my snaredrum !

    I have a td-10 kit and I just adore it, it is so much fun, I have one problem though.
    When playing my snaredrum I notice that when I hit the exact center on the snare where the "sound-sensor" is placed the stroke becomes much louder. So the feeling when playing patterns on the snare feels very strange,
    I've tried to adjust the settings but without result.

    Another problem is if I play fast rolls on the snare and hit a hard stroke at the same time the stroke doesn't sound at all. Even if the "threshhold" setting is set to 0.
    Please! Help me get the feeling back into my drums.
    Best regards Rickard from Sweden

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    You might try tightening your snare head. There are,however, certain things you can do to make the snare miss trigger or skip a trigger. If I combine certain rudiments like flamacues and ratamacues rapidly in succession and hit with both sticks at once at the end of a ratamacue (instead of a flam), I can get the snare to actually go completely silent for that hit. I think the head gets rebounding in a certain harmonic way and just overwhelms the senser or the module.

    Ahhh.....the hotspot. Learn to love it, not hate it. Its like tapping into the dark side of the force.


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      Thanks alot for the fast answers, this forum rocks! ,
      just one last stupid question, where do I find "the hot spot"???


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        at the top of the page where you choose what forum you want to enter,there is the word search.....click it and go from there... good luck.
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          Originally posted by rillekall:
          Thanks alot for the fast answers, this forum rocks! ,
          just one last stupid question, where do I find "the hot spot"???
          The hot spot is where the extra loud part is and is usually located in the center above the cone. I believe you can move this by adjusting the scan time although I prefer it just where it is.

          I've been at the V's for 3 yrs now. I have learned to love the hot spot. My playing is adjusted to it (as well as my trigger settings). On some snares it can be a bit overwhelming, but on most it's da bomb.
          By the way, it's been a long time since I have sat behind an acoustic snare, but I recall these dead spots when playing a poorly executed flam on it also.

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