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No Bell on CY13R with TD-15KV

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  • No Bell on CY13R with TD-15KV

    Howdy y'all

    Complete noob just learning drums, and just got a TD-15KV.

    Everything seems to be working great except I don't seem to have a bell on the ride cymbal CY13R.

    Just the bow sound plays in the "bell area" of the cymbal.

    Is the bell only part of certain drum kits on the module, or is something wrong with the cymbal or setup?

    I upgraded the firmware from v1.0 to v1.1, and this hasn't made any difference,

    I have a cable with a green label RD going to the Bow/Edge connector on the cymbal, and a cable labeled RDB going to the bell connector on the cymbal

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    I have the td15 with a cy15. On mine, I don't actually hit the bell. There's a spot about an inch just below and to the left of the bell that triggers it. I bought it used real cheap and the guy said the bell didn't work. That could be your problem.
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      There is a thread somewhere about fixing bell triggering on a cy-12 - might apply to the cy-13 (and 15 Matt?) too? - see here: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/forum/ad...pics-and-video - has great pics and video too!
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        The bell fix for the cy12 is also valid for the cy15, but should not be necessary with the 13r....whack hard with the shoulder of the stick, and make sure that the ride cymbal you have selected has an associated belll sound (ie has '/B' after it on the sounds list)
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          Also how tight should the cymbals be screwed down? I currently have it so there is a little movement when hitting the edge.


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            As long as the cymbal is not able to spin on the anti-rotation mount, it is tight enough. Just like with a metal cymbal, if it can't swing freely then you'll probably end up damaging it. IMO, tightening too much is probably where a lot of the "bell-fix" issues are created. To tight and the rubber in the center of the cymbal is forced to flex and stretch with every hit. I still have every CY series of Roland cymbal, multiples of some, and have never had one fail, and have never had to do the "bell-fix." "Fairy dust" fixes under the edge on the rare occasion, yes.