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Roland V Drums question

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  • Roland V Drums question

    I hope someone may be able to answer my question - I recently bought a Roland HD 3 electronic drum kit which I really like - I'm using it as a midi interface with drum sounds from my laptop. I have noticed that when playing the hi hat and cymbals I have to hit it fairly hard before it triggers the sample, though the other midi surfaces (toms/snare) and bass drum pedal are very responsive to light hits. Does anybody know if there is there a way that I can increase the midi responsiveness / sensitivity of the hi hat/cymbals? Any help appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum, Zarg!

    Have you tried lowering the cymbals' sensitivity-settings? (...if that is possible on a HD-3 already)

    What kind of software do you use?


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      thx - that was useful. It's improved but not perfect.