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Direct Out issue on TD-8

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  • Direct Out issue on TD-8

    I just got my TD8-KV + MDS8C it's really a good product!

    I just have a small issue: I connected the master out to the Line In connector of my pc (for recordnig purpose), it works fine.
    But if I move my cable from master out to direct out, my PC receives no signal.
    I set all triggers to "M&D" in Setup/Menu/Out
    but I still have no sound on the direct Out..

    Is there another setting to enable direct out?
    Or are direct out connectors/impedance different???
    My module has a problem??


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    et http://www.drumsonly.de


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      I made another test:
      Put my headphone on a master out connector: I hear something (very low but it's normal because the output is not made to be connected to a headphone!)
      Put my headphone on a direct out connector:
      I hear something! Damn it's working !

      I still don't know why it doesn't work with the first cable (connected to the pc) but I'll check everything. Now that i'm sure it's not a Td-8 issue (my new toy is Ok!) it'll be easier to find the source of the issue.

      Thanks for support!
      Merci Harlock !