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gen 16 ds trigger please help

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  • gen 16 ds trigger please help

    Hi peeps just pulled out the old gen 16 to as I got a shiny new Ds trigger but also it doesnt work? old trigger working .. new trigger nothing not lights no sound.... IF i pull the lead out a bit i can get the lights to work but no sound.. do I need a different type of lead? does the brain need an update? any info would be great please

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    As far as I can recall the module will need updated if you have never done it, you can get the firmware updates from gen-16.com and then go to support for the downloads.



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      Brain needs update!
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        Yep I found the update but the issue turned out to be the green line in the loom... well I hope its in the loom and not the brain... now to chase up those sweet sounds that i've heard Julia created .. thanks for the reply's