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Please advise on how to setup speakers, mixin and headphones.

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  • Please advise on how to setup speakers, mixin and headphones.


    I am trying to set up my td-3 to use a Klipsch ProMedia speakers. Currently I have to plug them into the Headphone jack on the TD-3 and I have my computer feed music to the MixIn port.
    How can I hook this up so I can get the audio out from the l and r output so I can use Headphones in the headphone jack? ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers

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    From a quick glance at the Klipsch website, I assume that the ProMedia 2.1 features a 3,5-mm mini-jack input.

    The TD-3 has line-outs (L/R) on standard 1/4 inch jacks.

    To connct it to the Klipsch, you'll need an adaptor-cable, that has two 1/4 inch mono jack plugs on one end, and one stereo 3.5-mm mini-jack at the other. Should look something like this:


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      Personally, I wouldn't use the Klipsch system for monitoring e-drums. There is a very real risk of blowing your speakers, as shown in a few previous posts on the topic. You'd be much better off with a dedicated e-drum monitor system. I've even got good home monitoring results with a small Mackie monitor - but it's built for instrument frequencies.
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        Yeah, I am not sure what you plan to do with these speakers, but it will be very short lived. Either a) you will blow them up on the first bass drum kick or b) realize they are woefully inadequate and sound terrible. You need maybe a 15" woofer and hundreds of watts just to get a decent sound and lower levels.

        Better off buying a great pair of headphones to really hear what these drums can sound like. Also, the headphone output may be underpowered as well, not sure on TD3, but the TD9 is very weak. I had to buy either a headphone amplifier/distribution box, or a Mixer with headphone out. Both have headphone pre-amps to increase the output.
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