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Interfacing and MIDI

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  • Interfacing and MIDI

    Could anyone suggest good reading materials that discuss all aspects of MIDI, and interfacing with software, soundfonts etc..
    I just bought a SoundBlaster Audigy and it came with Cubasis VST, this software looks like it can do some major Sh*t. I have never gotten serious with the whole Midi thing, but I really want to understand it! Most of what I have done with it is by trial and error.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Thank you for the links C Jude. They were a big help.
    I must have gotten off on the wrong foot in this forum. Was it something I said?
    One person coming to help the new guy, that's sad.

    Thanks again C Jude, I appreciate the links!!


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      Originally posted by SPAZ:
      Thank you for the links C Jude. They were a big help.
      I must have gotten off on the wrong foot in this forum. Was it something I said?
      One person coming to help the new guy, that's sad.
      Well if you aks "how do I edit blablabla in my td-10?" you'll probably get lots of answers, but I dont think most edrummers on this site collect links for info on midi. I think you'd get more useful links when posting this question in a keyboard/synth forum or something.

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        Just to be clear: I didn't mean to send anybody away from this forum with midi questions. My only point was that sometimes not everybody knows the answer about certain questions over here.

        And like C.Jude said; everybody's welcome with any e-drum related questions.

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        MPCman's E-drum Picsite!
        Music was my first love...


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          You made a good point MPCman, and I understood what you were saying.
          No problem!
          I don't get offended easy anyway......
          Lifes to short man, I live and let live.

          I just figured that more people on this site would of had some suggestions for me. I mean going from A's to digital, why wouldn't more people be into the Midi aspect of it. Seems like a waist not to use the equipment to its fullist. Don't you think?



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            Having very little knowledge of MIDI, I want to
            basically create my own bass lines and percussion
            groovs to play to at home or live. Ive been told I
            need a MIDI controller to do that (with the
            TD10).Since I dont really play keyboard, I dont see
            myself using a MIDI alot, so I dont want to buy more
            equipment than I need

            Im thinking of getting (if I even need one) Either The
            "MIDIMAN Oxygen8 USB MIDI Controller" or the "Roland
            PC300 USB MIDI controler" Both are the least expensive
            of controllers, but have different features, which I
            dont know if I need. will either of these controllers
            work with the TD10, will they be able to address the 4
            percussion groups, and play all the sounds in the
            Oddly enough Im havinng trouble finding people who are
            using a controller with their TD10, to get their
            opinion. Thank you for your time, I hope you can help!



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              [QUOTE]Originally posted by c. jude:

              I'm not sure if I understand your question. Are you looking at USB controllers because you are using a computer? If so, use a computer sequencer, even some of the worst are better than the TD-10's, and any USB MIDI controller should work.

              Hy Thanks!
              Origionally I wanted only to recoed patterns and triger internal sounds from the TD10 via the controller, USB just happined to come with the controllers. But now you've given me an idea- I can connect my Imac to the TD10, and with some kind of software trigger the internal sounds of the TD10, and record myown patterns? Hmmmm.

              If this is possible, would I then need the Imac together with the TD10 for proper playback of the newly recorded pattens, in the TD10?



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                Typically, you can pick up a midi device that plugs into the joy stick port of your computer. Then you can just use whatever sequencer software that came with your sound card. Here's the first one I spotted: <a href="http://www.cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat%5Fid=2006&sku=27033">www.cablestog o.com</a>

                It takes a little playing around to get it set up, but then it becomes pretty easy (technology-wise, that is). The hardest part is learning the software to the point where you can create your practice grooves.

                I just bought a V-Session, and I can see that it won't take too long before I am sick of the practice patterns included with the TD-10.


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                  Thank You All;

                  Your input is appreciated! I'll take your word on the limitations of the TD-10, and look into using my MAC as the sequencer, or something.

                  By the way, are there any sites that have midi grooves, downloadable to the TD-10? Also, instead of buying a memory card for thr TD-10, can my kits and patterns be transfered to my computer (via a MIDI interface) for storage?

                  I apologize for my ignorance
                  Thanks for the help!



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                    look in the vkittrans forum for information on backing up your kits. You could also search for sound diver from emagic.

                    As far as sequencing goes, what you need is a midi interface. These connect your computer to your td-10. You then can use your computer as backup memory for your kits, a sequencer, a sampler, a jam buddy...etc...

                    Your interface can be usb, serial, parallel, or plug into your soundcard's joystick port. USB will probably have the fastest response time and latency. For a sequencer try a demo version of cakewalk or sonar @ http://www.cakewalk.com

                    Just do a search on the net for midi files. There are millions out there. You could download all your favorite songs, mute the drum track (channel 10) in cakewalk and jam.

                    type midi files then hit the search button. Over 722,000 pages!

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