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  • Build your own . . .

    While looking at the Best Buy ad in the paper today, the thought of building my own woofer cabinet came to me. I have no real knowledge of this endeavor, so I was wondering if anyone else knew how this might be done? I saw a pair of 12", 300-watt woofers for about $100, and I thought that it may be possible. If so . . .

    1) What could I use to power it?
    2) What type of connections would I need to send the signal?
    3) What materials would I need to build a cabinet for them?

    It was just a thought . . . I don't know how much work/$ it would be in the end.


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    You were probably looking at subwoofers. These are made to cover the extreme low-end of the sonic spectrum. Comonly used in car and home stereo systems. These are usually placed in a tuned box (enclosure) to give a frequency response below 50 to 100 Hz.

    That being said, you would also have to cover the mid-bass, midrange, and treble ranges with seperate speakers. Would this be in addition to another amplifier/speaker system or everything built from scratch?

    Building a speaker cabinet is a fairly precise project. A lot of math and planning goes into a box and it is a lot of work.
    here are a couple of links:
    http://www.termpro.com/articles/buildbox.html http://www.audua.com/Speaker/Project...r%20Select.htm

    Usually a full range driver (speaker) is used in a sound reproduction system. A horn is added to capture the extreme high freq. produced.

    The verdict? This is not really a project until you learn more about speakers, their purpose and their design. Buy an amp. Everytime I go to build something, I usually end up spending more time and money then what I could have bought it for. Spend your time playing drums! It's more fun and less wasteful.