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Cross Triggering on V-Session kit

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  • Cross Triggering on V-Session kit

    Hey all

    I've read all the other posts about this strange phenomena, and here's my 0.02...

    I've been getting mainly Ride (H10) cross triggering when hitting the very rim of the CY-12 HH pad. They are on opposite sides of the rack.

    I've tried the usual, upping the X-Talk on the Ride upto 80, making sure the rack and all mounts are really tight, that it's on a level, soft carpeted floor etc...and still the ride pings away quite happily but ONLY when I play the very rim of the HighHat.

    It does NOT happen when playing the bow or 'flat' on the 'edge trigger'.

    So, I took another postee's advice and filled the tube that the Ride, Tom 3 and Tom 4 are connected to with sand and blocked up both ends with the same black plastic end caps, that Roland kindly supplied to me at a price. Fully expecting it to sort out all the x-triggering problems as others have seen. But alas, NO DIFFERENCE.

    I should point out at this point that Crash 1 also triggers but nowhere near as much...

    ...so I tried something else.

    I changed the Trigger bank from 2 (as the books say it should be on) to bank 3...

    ..and lo and behold NO MORE RIDE X-TRIGGERING!!! Yay!

    Ah, not quite...

    ...because now the frelling Crash ONE is triggering just as badly as the Ride did on Bank 2!!!


    I've also tried bank 4 but that didn't do anything...

    Has anyone any further clues? or reasons why trigger bank 2 would INCREASE the x-triggering from HH to Ride?

    I even took the HH of it's pad mount and struck the pad mount with one of my sticks and it triggered not only the Ride, but also Tom1 and Tom4 and Crash 1.

    Yes, I've read Feefers (Chris's) huge posting about x-triggering and applied all his immense knowledge and that didn't fix it because, and as I say, it ONLY occurs when striking the very rim with a stick at 45 degrees. It doesn't ever x-trigger when hitting the HH Rim sensor 'flat' - the one about 1" in towards the centre, or on the bow of the HH.

    I know I could 'stop' playing my HH like that but I love the sound that it makes - a much quiter and sharper version of the 'flat' rim trigger sound, and it's how I play acoustic when doing 16 beat grooves.



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    Chris / Feefer...

    ...you are indeed an E-Drum / V-Drum GOD!

    <we're not worthy...we're not worthy...>

    You've just fixed it...completely.

    I've upped the threshold 'slightly' and the sensitivity for Crash 1 and the Ride, all on Trigger Bank 2...

    ...and ALL Cross triggering has vanished!

    After my original post I found that on Trigger bank 3 where only Crash 1 was x-triggering, that if I used lighter thinner sticks the problem all but went away.

    However, after reading your post, then not only am I back on Trigger Bank 2, and all x-triggering has vanished, but I think the Ride and Cymbals are playing BETTER than before and I'm back up using my heavy thick sticks.

    Thank you Chris...I owe you one.

    I can now safely say that my drums are perfect...and you've totally out-smarted Rolands UK Technical help on this one (They are the guys who sold me the 15 black end caps so I could fill my rack with sand.)