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Midi Novice Question

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  • Midi Novice Question

    Hi all, I have been reading some of the interesting posts on expanding your trigger abilities via midi, so I went out and bought a midi cable and thought I would give it a whirl. I hooked it up to my Alesis D4 then to my TD10. In short I was trying to get some more tom sounds so I would have the equivilant of 6 toms. My problem occured when I went to a particular kit, say the Rosewood, and I wanted to take the high tom sound (which was currently being used by one of my Vdrum tom pads) and trigger that sound via the midi. But as you can imagine it made the exact same sound as the vdrum tom. And, if I tuned one up then the other one went up as well. Is there any way around this or am I missing the big picture. My only thought was to get another sound similar to the Rosewood tom and use it, but there seem to be limits and disadvantages to this also.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hey Zigs, I'm definitely not a midiguru so this might be a hack. But it works for me.

    The way I use my DM5 for extra inputs is through the percussion group.

    For example, go into your DM4 and turn the midi local control off and set channel to 10. Next you need to assign a note# to each of your DM4's inputs. On my DM5 I press ext trigger and scroll the note# up to something say in the seventies range.

    Next is the TD-10. Press setup then midi(F2) and make sure the all drums is set to 10. Press kit to get back to the main screen. Next press func(F2) then perc group(F1). Hit the pad you want to change and it should highlight a percussion instrument. Next press list(F1) and scroll to the sound you want to assign. Now press exit then edit(F2) and you can change Volume, pan, pitch, decay, ambience, effects send, and output.

    Now do this for all eleven of the other DM4 inputs. Don't forget you have to adjust the triggering on the DM4 for pad performance. Hope this is correct, I havent messed with it in awhile.


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      Originally posted by Zigs:
      But as you can imagine it made the exact same sound as the vdrum tom. And, if I tuned one up then the other one went up as well.

      The keyword here is MIDI Note number.

      The high tom on the Rosewood kit has a MIDI note number. For instance #42. If you want to play another tom tom or add an extra tom tom in the Alesis then you must be sure to give this new tom tom a MIDI note number which is not currently used by any of the other instruments. Perhaps # 77.

      Assigning MIDI note numbers must be done in both drum modules. I hope also the Alesis can do this. Only then you can use extra instruments when the two devices are connected with MIDI.