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CY-6 rim trigger stopped working

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  • CY-6 rim trigger stopped working

    Hi everyone,

    At some point when I was playing this evening, the rim-trigger of the CY-6 I'm using as a ride cymbal stopped working. This has had two effects -- can't choke (which I very rarely do on that cymbal anyhow), and of course, no rim sound. I've confirmed that the problem isn't with my module (TD-6) or with the cable. All I can really think of is that I mighta whacked it too hard while playing -- hmpfh.

    I'm tempted to set it up as an auxilliary cymbal on a mono line and replace the ride with a new CY-6, but if I could fix it another way, that would be ideal of course.

    Any suggestions on how I should go about doing that? Is it safe to open up the CY-6? Any and all advice/help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :-)


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    Welcome to the forum. Just a suggestion, next time look to see if a topic is already being discussed. You can use the search tool to find topics.

    Now back to the topic...

    My cy-6 broke at the rim after about 6 months and it would choke instantly when you hit it. This was my primary crash. I took mine back to Guitar Center and they got me an RMA number and shipped it back for me.

    Are your cymbals still under warranty? I think they have a year on them.

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