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PD-9/PD-7s dead, Jim.

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  • PD-9/PD-7s dead, Jim.

    Issue #2!

    Scoured through the archive messages, ran a few searches, and noticed the issue touched on a few times - but didn't see anyone having the expanse of the issue that I am. Unless they posted it under Wishlist.

    I'm running out of pads here. On the shelf: 2 dead PD-9's, 1 dead PD-7. Totally shot.

    Someone mentioned ripping them open and resoldering/replacing the trigger itself - should I order these direct from Roland, or are they standard issue and available to consumers? Manual doesn't seem to specify this anywhere, but triggers are generally pretty simple. Radio Shack?

    Alternately, are there better triggers I can replace them with that won't blow out? Or is this just a sufferage we must endure?

    Apologies if this subject has been breached and regurgitated previously


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    Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an electrician.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. (Resistance was futile?)

    I use a PD-6, 5 PD-9s, and 4 PD-7s on my own kit, but I (thankfully) haven't experienced any of the problems that you described, so I'm afraid I won't be of much help here. Anyone else?
    TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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      I will assume these are beyond the warranty stage. Even the likes of Boingo has opened up a PD-7. In my case one of the solder joints broke. I'm fairly conservative and would use an OEM trigger. I believe I have read where some have used generic stuff. I believe, if you searched hard enough, you might find the part numbers.

      Also, try this site: http://members.aol.com/btnkbndt/mykit.html
      and particularly this: http://members.aol.com/btnkbndt/trigger.html

      Don't know how long you have had them or how much play they get, but I can't help but picturing a 300 lb gorilla beating the snot out of these pads for so many to be broken. Just what kind of playing style do you use?
      Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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        Well, er. 160lb biped at least

        I've had these puppies (TD-10K) since they were released, and use Vic SD-1 Generals. I'm pretty lax on the center pad, but tend to hit hard on the rim, since it doesn't appreciate triggering unless you firmly strike it. While I wouldn't want somebody doing that on *my* head, don't think I hit too hard.

        This technique is principally used on the ride, which is none the worse on wear & tear. Never was able to get trigger sensitivity working politely on em without giving it a little wrist juiceage.

        Thanks for the links, checking em out



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          I have up'ed the sensitivity on my pads to somewhere around 8 to 10 (TD-10 w/exp card). I started having some wrist problems when I first got the V's and found that this allowed me to lighten up considerable on those stokes and save wear and tear on the tendons. They are very responsive this way. Some people aren't happy unless they really wack them, so do what you're most comfortable with. It's an alternative that might extend the life of those pads considerably.
          Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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            I have had pd7's quit on me and simply opened the pad up and re-attatched the connection to the censor. Then just put it back together and worked fine ever since.

            COST= 0.00

            May be worth a shot