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TD-8 Dual Inputs Questions

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  • TD-8 Dual Inputs Questions


    First thing, I have the latest version TD-8 which supports the CY series cymbals.
    I have Pintech CC101 Heads for toms and AX14S for the snare. I was thinking of adding piezos to the CC101's for rim hits on the toms (this is fairly inexpensive and not to difficult). The manual is not always clear on what can be done. I tried my snare in a tom position but could not get it to produce a rim hit. I need to try more things I'm sure. Suggestions?

    Also after reading and printing up everything written here on the 3 zone C15R cymbal I tried to set it up by using the Crash 2 input and turning off the head. It still doesn't work correctly. I am using the ride input for bell/bow and the crash 2 for edge. When I strike the edge 95% of the time I get the Ride Bow and every once in awhile I will see the edge trigger. The bell works (and as noted, it takes a solid whack with the side of the stick and only at the 3 oclock position (Roland logo at the top)were the bell meets the bow. Any more suggestions or new ideas in the intervening time since this was last discussed?

    Hope this makes sense!

    I have been lurking for awhile. This is my first post.


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    The snare jack is the only input that accepts dual peizo trigger devices. The toms will only "rim trigger" with a PD-9/7 or similar FSR rimmed pad.

    I have an almost identical setup to yours. I have the TD-8 with the AX14-TE and the CC-101's in the white "Tour Elite" style. I also have the CK-V-TE kick.
    I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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      Thanks for bringing me up to speed on the Tom pads

      BTW Nice setup!

      I just finished putting mine together last week.

      Roland TD8 Sound Module, FD-7 Hi-Hat and CY-12H,14C & 15R Cymbals.
      Pintech AX-14S Snare, CC101ST Toms (3) & CK-V Kick with Gibraltar Intruder II Pedal.
      And a Gibraltar rack.

      Any comments on the Crash setup?


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        I've been going through the manual and trying out as much as I can just to get a feel for everything. Typical Roland type manual, doesn't make things as clear as I'm sure that it could.


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          If you still have the documentation that came with your Pintech products, they recommend settings that I found to be a good starting point. There are also several TD-8 users and lots of tech tips here, like packing your rack tubes with styrofoam peanuts to cut down on crosstalk. Better to do that than get the crosstalk settings up too high on the module which starts to effect sensitivity.
          I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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            Sorry, I missed the crash question.

            I am using CY-6's for cymbals and hi-hat. They work fine for me so far.

            There is a rumor that Pintech is coming out with something new that I think might be related to this subject. I hope they have devoped a chokable cymbal. Might even rival the high end Roland's and I am sure the price will be right!!!!!
            I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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              Actually the Pintech Drum pads and snare were a breeze to setup. I did start with thier recommended settings. Crosstalk hasn't been an issue (as long as I keep my '66 Fender Bassman turned down, it will trigger the Kick!)

              Back to the manual for the Cymbals. I may not be using an edge sound (noted as Edge/Bell).


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                Well, I did some more fooling around and got the edge on the ride working great.
                I've also been trying out different tom, kick & Snare sounds. There are some very good sounds in the TD-8.