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MIDI + Acid + dropouts

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  • MIDI + Acid + dropouts

    Welp, posted this on the vdrum yahoo club, but found this lovely site foraging around there. Seems the action is here. Apologies for any cross-post action

    I've used my TD-10K for MIDI for about four years. Principally, I've used Cakewalk 3.0 (really) for recording, and had no problems other than the abnormally loquacious chattiness of the hi-hat controller data. Like, yow.

    I've switched over to Acid 3.0 for my principal HD recording (since I blew out a hard drive, and Cake 3.0 with it), and am attempting to use it to record my drum tracks via MIDI. But the dropouts are
    horrendous. On a simple quarter note pattern, I drop hats, rides, snares, kicks, anything. I have no such problems recording any other MIDI instrument with this software, and have searched extensively for any references to a similar problem. Alternately, I've never had any problems recording it with any MIDI program. My first assumption is that the kit's still blasting so much controller data to Acid's frontal lobe that it's experiencing flash seizures.

    Anybody have any clues? Input? Solutions? Suggestions on a proper cajun spice to use with an alfredo dish? Cakewalk 3.0?


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    Someplace in the manual it talks about midi data thin. This will reduce the amount of hi-hat controller messages that gets transmitted. Can't tell you where on the TD10 'cause I'm at work right now. Setup, midi would be a good guess.

    And as is the custom with all newcomers we say:

    Welcome, use the most xlnt search engine, and RTFM!


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      Heh, thanks for the reply. Had to tear apart most of the house to find TFM, but eventually found it, dug through it.

      Already had my data thin set to 1, set it to 2 (maximum), and it had little to no effect. Can't really judge the difference without a program that shows me the controller data, but I'm guessing the chattiness isn't the issue. Or that it's still streaming the Gettysburg Address every time a microbe nears it.

      I've also torn through the Acid Pro manual, which pretty much says, "Though we implemented it, you shouldn't be playing around so hard with it. Buy a dog."

      So, eh. Always wanted a Rotweiler.



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        Nopers, no resolution setting. Buggers. And definately isn't optimizing or quantizing (feature doesn't even exist). Unless it's trying to quantize to 64th note triplets or something

        Doing a lot of sequence work through ACID, then doing drums over it. While it's just a matter of convenience in hearing the track wackiness while recording to it, with Cake 3 I was doing what you mentioned - recording the drums with a click, quantizing, etc. Probably just end up moving over to VST or SONAR.

        I'll start digging around Tucows tonight for a nice superbasic freeware program. Good idea, that. It's all the weenie frills in Cake 5.0+ that kill the convenience of the editing process.



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          or... you could use grokster and........ uh, nevermind. That is for another thread.

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