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Newbie q - disable dual triggering

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  • Newbie q - disable dual triggering

    After long time of saving I just bought a TD8KV. I have only just installed it and haven't been able to plough through the whole manual.

    I also got an extra PD120 which I use for my snare. The 'old' snare pad I now use as an extra tom. I managed to trigger it to tom but it still has the dual trigger on.

    How do I disable this? Ideally I would like to use the rim as a cymbal but found the outside of the mesh also to trigger the cymbal (no good in a fill). How can I sort that out?


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    I have not tried this myself, but maybe using a mono cable will disable the rim trigger.



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      I'll take this one......

      Tom inputs on the TD-8 will only "rim trigger" with a piezo/FSR pad like a Roland PD-9/7 or similar pad. There is not much to disable. As far as the snare is concerned, you can set the rim sound to "off" or use a mono cable.
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