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Just an idea

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  • Just an idea

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to make a visible metronome for playing live. Im thinking assign the click from the td-10 to headphone out only. Then a cord out of the headphone out to a device (trigger?) that would trigger a small light that would flash on every beat. You could put the light in the front of the stage where all band members could see it, and behind an amp or monitor where the audience couldn't. Chime in here all electronic wizards and tell me what you think! Am I missing something, is this possible, or is there an easier way?

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    If you have a problem keeping time ...... I think maybe you should work with the metronome , as for the band ......you are their metronome ....... I don't think seeing a light blinking is needed ...... just ask some of the blind musical greats

    Just my point 2 cents



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      I would say that you are on the track, but, Like Redman said: are they and/or will they use it. I would think getting it to work without delay would be kind of hard. You would want to go with a real bright LED as apposed to a light bulb. That would remove the delay of the bulb heating up. May not seem like it would take much time, but, milliseconds count.
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        Ha Ha Ha!! Very funny Redman!! I guess that you've never tried to fly with the eagles while soaring with turkeys! In my area, good musicians are in limited supply. Sometimes, you have to take what you can get. That goes for sound engineers also, so I have seen times when the sound on stage was so bad that you could hardly distinguish the bass guitar from the guitar and just that little bit of doubt is enough to make the players come in late. If the timing is off 1/32 of a beat, or millisecond, it can make your band sound like ****. I'm not into that If there's anyway to help the situation. My timing is not too bad. But I'm the kind of guy who will bend a millisecond (exageration) if that's where the signature instrument and the bass player are at. Any thing to work as a team, or make it better for the whole. When it comes together right, then that's the ****!!!