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Hart, Roland TD8 and Cakewalk Pro (Sonar)

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  • kreja
    OK... my grammer sucks! Not "how kind..." but what kind?


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  • kreja
    started a topic Hart, Roland TD8 and Cakewalk Pro (Sonar)

    Hart, Roland TD8 and Cakewalk Pro (Sonar)

    Hey everybody, got a couple of posers for ya' --

    1. I haven't found many posts regarding Hart Triggers dated since November of last year, and some people had some concerns. Has Hart "revved" any of their gear to address these concerns?

    2. I just purchased (meaning backordered) a Hart Mega Pro Kit with a Roland TD8. I have a friend who INSISTS the TD8 has positional sensing for the snare. True or False?

    3. (THE UBER-QUESTION, WORTH MANY POINTS!) If there is anyone who uses any Vdrums in conjunction with Sonar, how kind of controller information does Sonar store in conjunction with playing back a recorded sequence (i.e. positional sensor info, hi-hat, etc.)?

    Thanks for reading!