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Snare sound!

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  • Snare sound!

    Just got my TD8KV on Tuesday. Man, this thing is cool. The only things I don't like about it so far is:

    - The toms sounds too electronic for me and I get the 'machine-gun' effect on them all the time. Any settings to fix this?

    - The EQ is weak.

    - The snare sounds are limited. I would like better sounding snares.

    Now, my question: How can I get a nice studio snare sound. Like for example, Staind, Creed. Even if I don't listen to these bands, I love their drum sounds. Is there any presets that somebody can suggest?


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    I experienced the same problems when I was trying out modules for my e-kit. The Roland toms are actually quite good samples but they need to be "rounded off" especially in the low velocity areas, the samples sound like you┤re hitting the tom hard but at low volume. As you say the TD-8 EQ are to weak to fix this.
    I gave it up and bought the Dynamnic Drums expansion for my XV-3080 (wich have much of the same samples but better sounding)after fiddling around a little with the filter parameters on the 3080 I got close to what I wanted when playing soft, no macine gun effect! Now I just have to crack the problem whith getting a more dymnamic sound on the high velocity strokes in order to eliminate the awful ra-ta-ta-ta-ta effect when also playing hard.
    I am going to play around with a very subtle random sweeping filter triggering on the high velocity strokes, this might do the trick!.
    My suggestion to you are forget about using most of the sounds from the TD8 (hi-hats and cymbals are good and all the wierd stuff to) and get a decent module with serious editing and expansion capabilities. Use the TD8 for what i┤ts good at and get your real life sounding sounds from a serious module!
    I┤ve learnt that close to aocustic sounding e-drums are going to cost a lot of money, ther┤s no shortcuts I am afraid

    (If you can live without all the bells and whistles of the TD8/10 the ddrum 4 is a better option for real sˇunding e-drums, still not transparent enough to fool the expert but a better option than a Roland alternative)



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      to make the snare sound more like cred or staind your gonna wanna add some serious compression. Try lowering threshold to like -40 and setting the ratio 10:1 and bring up the volume on the snare. this should give it a tight cracking pop sound.

      -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,
      -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,


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        Setting the ration 10:1? Where is that on the TD8? I don't remember seeing this.


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          ooops sorry, I dont have a td-8 I have aatd-10. I just assumed the td8 has an onboard compressor similar to the td-10. Whatever it has, try adding some serious compression to your snare. this should help you try to match the snare sounds you hear on those rock/metal cd's.
          -Drumlogic, V-session, Visulite/roland cymbals, (2)Mackie srm-450's, bbe 482 sonic maximizer,


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            Originally posted by kornalius:
            Even if I don't listen to these bands, I love their drum sounds.
            What the.....???
            How do you NOT listen to a band and still like their drum sounds????
            That's like saying 'I've never held a drum stick but I sure like the way they feel!!'

            (Just hasseling dude, I know what you were trying to say)

            As far as trying to get a good snare sound? My advice is to use an acoustic snare!!

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            , plenty of , and , , triggered acoustics, , and a plethora of PA blah blah freakin blah...I mean does anyone care about the specifics of pedals, speakers, processors, hardware or anything that I'm using?? :confused: Hmmm, maybe this is an appropriate place to mention that I tried out a new cymbal stand the other day...