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Opening Simmons SDS-9 pads?

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  • Opening Simmons SDS-9 pads?


    I wonder how to open Simmons SDS-9 pads for service? No screws?????
    Does anyone know?


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    Wasn't there a screw near the tom holder plate? I don't remember...


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      Yes youīre right, but thatīs actually the screw to fasten the holder clamp (remeber the olīPearl standard).....hhhhmmmmmm I guess itīs a matter of applying som violence then


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        I've owned SDS9 pads and getting them apart is relatively easy. Keep in mind that they are really easy to break, so be very careful. You need to turn the pad so you're looing at the back, it's press fitted to the sides of the frame. Take a flat screw driver and carefully slide it between the seam where the back meets the side and push in toward the back, working your way around the back of the pad. What you need to do is get the tabs that hold the back to the sides out of their slots and free. After you do this, the back will just come away from the frame giving you accaes to the inside of the pad. Good luck and be careful.
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