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TD8 Questions?

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  • TD8 Questions?

    I have a few questions about the TD8 that I will buy next week.

    1. How many user banks there is? (I want to set different sound banks for different songs).

    2. Can I tune toms sounds using depth, skin types etc... or just the snare pad?


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    1. There are about 60 dumkits on the TD8. To create your own drumkits you need to overwrite one of the preset kits. But it's not a big deal, as you can copy any drum or any kit to a different location, and restore factory presets by drum or by kit. The TD8 has a load of kits that you'd never use anyway. You can also create a 'chain' of kits, so you can choose your favourites and change between them using just one button. You could put the different kits for a whole gig in there, in order, if you wanted.

    2. There are two types of sound on the TD8, some are 'V-drums', some are standard. Any V sound can be edited by changing skin type / muffling / tuning, etc (depending on the drum). Any non-V sound can be tuned, but not much else. So - the short answer is YES, assuming you've chosen a V sound for your toms.

    Have fun!



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      Which sounds would be as close as possible to a real acoustic tom? V-Sound or non V-sound?

      Can I save my presets to my computer somehow after?



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        Originally posted by kornalius:
        Which sounds would be as close as possible to a real acoustic tom? V-Sound or non V-sound?
        That is entirely subjective. Some of the v-toms are nice, while others suck. Same goes for the "plain" toms. You will just have to go through the list and evaluate them for yourself.
        Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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          Yeah, I agree that it is subjective. Although the V-drum sounds are more flexible as they have more editable parameters.

          Yes, you can save your kits to your PC (and you can even download other people's kits from the internet). There is a long discussion about the software you need - it's on another thread on this forum ("TD-8 Update - Anyone Else").



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            One last one: Can I tweak cymbals sound anyhow and how? Are they V-Sounds so I can edit some parameters and if so which ones?

            Thanks a million,


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              Yes you can tweak your cymbals sound but only in pitch and decay.
              No they are not V-sounds
              This is enough because you have a vast choice of cymbals to pick.
              After this you can add more affect/ambiance and EQing.
              Hope that helped


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                Thanks, that definitly helped! I know what to expect from the cymbals now!