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PM-3 Hiss? Gain?

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  • PM-3 Hiss? Gain?

    Hi all.

    Well, after reading the plentifull threads on the PM-3 I finally took the plunge today. Got it for a great price too! £475 Brand New.

    Anyhoots, just got it home wired it up and found that it has a terrible hiss!

    Also that the mix in coming from the pc playing mp3's is very weak and no bass unless I crank the woofer up, but that means when I play the drums that they are so loud and pounding that I've gotten a headache and you can hear my kit from across the road!!

    And all this with the master volume on the PM-3 at 5, and the TD-10 Master at 90%.

    Is it faulty? Am I missing something?

    Do I need REALLY GOOD quality leads from the TD-10 out into the PM-3? I'm using the two from my Guitar / effects box because I had a blonde moment and forgot to pick two up at the store!

    Please, anyone help. Otherwise I can see me returning this on Monday.


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    Describe exactly how you have things hooked up. Try a very basic setup. Connect the master L&R outputs from your TD-10 directly into the L&R inputs of the PM-3 (or just the L output to the L input for mono). With volume settings at about 50%, it should be loud enough with no hiss. Try a mix in from something other than your PC, like a portable CD player.


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      Hi Maverick

      I've had a PM3 for a couple of years - and have had no problems when linking Master L & R to the inputs - however, I tried putting a Beringher mixer in between, and had all sorts of problems - and I'm still trying to sort it out: if I come up with anything I'll be in touch (I'm in huddersfield!).

      Re the PM£ settings, I have the bass at about 85% the high at about 60% and the master vol at about 40%.

      TD-20, Pair of JBL-Eon15 G2's & Sub

      Check out the demo tracks to hear my V's at



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        Maverick - sorry - can't help with your problem, but I was wondering where you got them from. I am in the UK as well, and £475 is a great price as you say... Please let me know whwre from...


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          Hi there.

          I'm not sure that you'll get the same deal, because I bought a Yamaha DTXtreme, with £700 of extras / expansion, and then I bought the new White 2002 Roland V-Session Kit from them...but you can say that you spoke to me (real name is Rebecca from Hull but only talk to Scott or Paul in drums..as they know me best) and ask what they can do.

          They are Electro Music in Doncaster 01302 369999 and they WILL ship.