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  • TD8?????

    I will soon buy a V-Custom with TD8KV. I was wondering if it's possible to mix different sounds from different banks to individual pads? I basicly mean, if I like a ride sound from a bank and the snare from another one and the bassdrum from another bank!


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    Of course!

    You can assign any sound to any pad in any kit (the sounds are in a big numbered list, they are not just assigned to a specific kit or bank). So you could take a bass drum sound and put it on your hi-hat pad if you wanted, or find some sound effect and put that onto a cymbal... as you like.

    If there is a specific sound on a kit that you'd like to use somewhere else, there are two ways to do it.
    1. Just look at the number of the sound you want, then edit your kit and assign a pad to the same sound (by scrolling through the list), or
    2. Use the Copy function to copy the sound from the kit you want to the kit you're editing. Very easy.



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      Thanks Mike!

      Can't wait to buy my kit!