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help with triggering my sampler using TD-10exp

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  • help with triggering my sampler using TD-10exp

    hey guys,

    I just bought a TD-10 and the expasion slot like 5 hours ago, along with a PD-9 pad.

    Here's my situation: The main reason i bought it is because i need to trigger samples off of my Roland SP-808. I'm not very experiened with midi, so i have no clue what to do. I tried all of the methods in the Manual and i cant get it to work at all.

    Here's what i need it to do: Hit the PD-9 and trigger sample number 1 in the bank i have selected.

    Also, i have a show tomorrow night that i absolutely need this for so it is very urgent. Thanks for any help you may have.


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    You need to change some settings on either the sampler or the TD10.
    I dont know the sampler settings so heres the TD10 changes you need to make.

    Press SETUP then MIDI(F2) and set the midi channel for "All Drums" to whatever channel the sampler patch is recieving its midi on.

    Go back to the main screen on the TD10 and press INST then CTRL(F4) then MIDI(F4).
    You need to make sure that the screen is showing the setting for the trigger input youve plugged the PD9 into.
    Hitting the pad would do this automatically if you havent turned "Note Chase" off.
    You need to set the "Note No" to the note no that your sample 1 is set to.
    Depending on how your sampler is set up for your sound you may need to alter the "Gate Time" also.
    The gate time is the amount of time that elapses between you hitting the pad and the module automaticly sending out a "Note Off" midi message.
    If you had set the channel and the midi note number but had left the gate time to the default 0.1 seconds this could be your problem , especially if the sound you are trying to trigger has a slow attack.
    The sound would only play for 0.1 sec and then the module would send out the note off message and halt the sound.
    On some samplers you can set a sound to be a "one Shot" sound that just plays till the end of the sample , if your sound is longer than 8 seconds you will need to use that function on your sampler.

    Personally I would make all the settings above for both the Head and the Rim of the PD9 and set both Note Numbers to the same value.
    This way if you accidently trigger the Rim in the show it will still play the sound.
    Hope the gig goes well

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