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Vdrum Brains is sending what?

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  • Vdrum Brains is sending what?

    I am looking for some info about what midi
    messages the vdrum brains are sending.

    What is the messages for the hihat controller?

    Pads, cymbals , chokes ... the works!

    // Daniel
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    Reason Im asking is because I play DDrums.
    (havent got the manual for a td-X, is it online?)

    Im doing some research for my VSTi project.

    Check it out!

    // Daniel
    Check my VSTi project!


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      Many thanx!

      My handicap on this issue is that I dont
      have access to zone pads at this point.

      I will add choke features as soon as possible.

      Just saying that i would put a Beta version out in a week has got me into "hardcore mode"
      when it comes to programming.

      3 days ago the Enhancer menu was empty.
      Now I made some basic effects + layout!

      It probably will take a week extra but I
      assure you that it will be worth it!
      (not that you got anything to compare with )

      // Daniel
      Check my VSTi project!


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        Another question!

        Can you assign the center and edge on a pad
        to any midi note of your choice?

        DDrum4 has got these notes fixed. (1,2,4,8)

        // Daniel
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          This was the information I was looking for!

          Still can you alter these settings?
          This is the default I guess.

          Can you go in and change the snare head
          note without effecting the rim midi note on
          the same input?

          The Ddrum4 has sort of a fixed mode where
          you set the root note of the channel and
          all the other notes will be relative to it.
          (depending on mode 1,2,4,8)

          // Daniel
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            More questions!

            How does the zone controller correspond to
            the skin?

            what are the values for center ,edge.....
            (or could it be that you got a resolution
            on the millimeter?)

            // Daniel
            Check my VSTi project!


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              You can change input types to fit the type of pad you have, dual zone, rim/switch, mono.
              Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                Got it!

                Check my VSTi project!


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                  Originally posted by Harlock
                  That's about it, excet for the fact that none responded to my query for factory presets of the note nubers assigned to the TD-6 & TD-10... This might help some around here.
                  Input Type Label Head Rim
                  1 FSR Kick 36 35
                  2 Dual Snare 38 40
                  3 FSR Tom1 48 50
                  4 FSR Tom2 45 47
                  5 FSR Tom3 43 58
                  6 FSR Tom4 41 39
                  7 FSR HH 42 22 Closed
                  44 Pedal
                  46 26 Open
                  8 FSR Crash1 49 55
                  9 FSR Crash2 57 52
                  10 FSR Ride 51 53
                  11 FSR Aux1 31 32
                  12 FSR Aux2 33 34

                  Hope's not too late

                  Great thread BTW



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                    Damm! The layout it's all screwed up

                    You get it anyhow, don't you?


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                      Originally posted by Harlock
                      Thanks a lot.
                      Better late than never!
                      Now I'm only missing the TD-6's
                      I pulled your chart off the previous page of this thread, and I'll take a look at the manual 2nite.


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                        OK, TD-6:

                        Trig 1 Kick1 36
                        Trig2 Snare 38
                        Trig2 Snare RIM 40
                        Trig3 HH Open RIM 26
                        Trig3 HH Close RIM 22
                        Trig3 HH Close 42
                        Trig3 HH Open 46
                        Trig3 HH Pedal 44
                        Trig4 Tom 1 48
                        Trig4 Tom 1 RIM 50
                        Trig5 Tom 2 45
                        Trig6 Aux 32
                        Trig7 Tom 3 41
                        Trig8 Tom 4 31
                        Trig9 Crash 1 49
                        Trig9 Crash 1 RIM 55
                        Trig10 Crash 2 57
                        Trig10 Crash 2 RIM 52
                        Trig11 Ride 51
                        Trig11 Ride RIM 53


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                          Hey Harlock,

                          do you know what data the TMC-6 sends when using an FD-7 hihat pedal?
                          I assume that it sends out one note number when stepping on it, and changes the note number of the pad connected to input five(closed and open hihat sounds) when you press the pedal, but does it send out a midi CC as well?

                          I'm thinking about getting rid of my Alesis D-4 and using a TMC-6 instead, with which I will trigger sounds from my EMU Proteus 2000. The good thing about the Proteus is that you can assign any midi CC to allmost any parameter, which would be cool with a foot pedal.

                          Music was my first love...


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                            That's nice :-)

                            And you can even assign Pitch Bend to the pedal as well? Seems interesting!
                            Music was my first love...


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                              Music was my first love...