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Hart ECymbal II's ride/bell w/TD-8 confusion

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  • Hart ECymbal II's ride/bell w/TD-8 confusion

    Well, I did it....

    Finally ditching my Dm Pro for a TD-8...

    the TD-8 responds to the Hart Dynamics Kit I have way, way better than I ever thought it would....

    I'm having trouble getting the ride and bell on my ECymbal II to trigger properly...I've plugged a stereo cable into the normal ride input....the ride trigger kicks ass, but you really have to wack the crap out of the bell to get it to trigger...

    Can't seem to get an answer in manual and there is a post I've found from Peter Hart in the archives and he mentioned some type of adaptor....is this the way to go??

    I've thought that maybe the ECymbal II ride/bell might not be the best ride/bell combination for the td-8....who out there can suggest the ultimate best ride/cymbal combo for use with the td-d??

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    I have the TD-10, but I do use the Hart Ecym II ride. I don't know how many inputs you have left, but what was sugested to me was to use a "Y" in the ride input and in one of the "aux" inputs then a stereo cable to the ride. it works great once I got the mix level tweaked right.