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Using my new V-Club kit w/Cubase ---> H-E-L-P !

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  • Using my new V-Club kit w/Cubase ---> H-E-L-P !

    I am trying to record my V-Club kit directly into Cubase 5. I've got a MIDI cable going out of the TD-6 into a Midiman USB Midisport. As the TD-6 manual suggested, I set the kit channel to Channel 10. I'm seeing the LED on the the Midi input indicator in Cubase light up when I hit the drums, but no matter what I try, I'm unable to hear them.

    Anyone have any ideas? I need to start recording, and I'd like to do the drums first!

    Dave Keats

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    Hi there - forgive me if this preaching to the converted, but the most common question I have to answer with this kind of problem is the difference between MIDI (data) and Sound (audio). MIDI is only data (no sound) so you're not actually "recording" in the true sense of the word, just storing MIDI commands in a specified order.

    If you are managing to get MIDI data into Cubase, will it replay back triggering the module or other chosen sound source on the appropriate MIDI channel?

    Sorry if this all really obvious stuff - though it might be of help!


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      Thanks for the suggestions. Nope, I've got a MIDI cable going back into the TD-6 also, and still no sound. Really strange!


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        You say you have a MIDI cable going back to the TD6 module? Check cable - make sure it's not that....

        Once you have recorded the MIDI part, try changing the MIDI channel to another number before playback, to say a keyboard module, or even your soundcard: this will at least tell you whether or not the data is firing the MIDI commandsa correctly.

        Dumb question, but I guess your TD6 module is connected to your mixing desk properly? Check those leads also....Do you get no sound through the headphones when its played back?

        I'm at work here so trying to picture the right Cubase settings in my head, but also make sure that the MIDI transmit isn't turned off: not being very clear here I know, but you can set Cubase up to recieve data on channels (recording) but not transmit it (playback).

        Will try to chase this up later....


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          Yes, I see the dots in the Midi screen. I also see the playback on the MIDI Track Mixer level, but hear nothing.

          The strange thing is that if redirect the MIDI through other drum kits I have in Halion (a software sampler VSTI inside Cubase), I can hear everything perfectly. I would be happy to use this method, but there's a latency issue with these large samples. I'd rather use the TD-6 sounds, which unfortunately ain't playing back.


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            I've tooled around in the MIDI settings in Cubase, but to no avail. Is it possible that my Midisport is set up incorrectly? I have one MIDI cord going from the MIDI out of the TD-6 to the IN-A of the Midisport, and another cord going from the OUT-A of the Midisport to the MIDI in of the TD-6.

            Pulling my hair out and rocking back and forth, I remain,



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              Getting there....how is your TD6 connected for audio? Do you have it running back into your PC / Mac audio-in, or is it connected to a mixing desk? Sorry but it isn't clear from your previous posts where the audio is going! Unless you tell me I'm barking up completely the wrong tree this may well be the issue....again apologies if this is a dum question.


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                Billonakona is right, Please answer this question:

                1. What soundcard are you using? (your midisport is not a soundcard). I assume you have one since you said you were hearing output from Halion.

                2. Breifly explain all cable connections in and out of your TD6 and Soundcard i.e. headphones connected to..., Direct outputs connected to..., line IN's.., Line Out's.., Midi cable.., etc...

                You can't expect to hear sounds from your TD6 unless you've got a cable from it's Headphone or Direct outputs, to your:

                A. soundcards input
                B. or speakers
                C. or headphones

                Then you need to make sure your soundcard's input level is enabled and turned up. Also make sure your TD6's levels are turned up.

                Make sure you can hear some kind of audio from that same soundcard input, weather it be from a microphone or your TD6 or what ever.

                Forgive me if this info is below you but, you haven't said anything about your "audio connections" between the TD6 and your computer.

                For whatever it's worth, I don't even record midi into Cubase anymore. I only record Audio. You can manipulate audio, effects etc. So I don't use midi connection at all. Just one cable from "Direct out's 1&2" on my TD10 to "Line In" on my SoundBlaster Live..(I suggest running KX drivers for super low latency ASIO in Cubase).

                I hope this helps

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                  Man, you guys are absolutely great. Thanks a ton for the help so far. Here's how I have my audio connections set up:

                  My MidiSport is sending MIDI data from the TD-6 via USB port to my PC. I'm currently using a Delta 66 soundcard. The Delta 66 comes iwth a breakout box, and it's from the breakout box that I connect either headphones (when my wife is home) or my monitors (when she's away or I want to annoy her).

                  The input levels are turned up on the Delta. In fact, if I record MIDI from another source, like my Fatar controller (triggering my B4 or Rhodes VSTi, for example), everything works great. I also have the volume turned all the way up on the TD-6.

                  Thanks again!


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                    dave -

                    my guess is that you don't actually have anything connected to your td-6 audio outs, since when snills, billakonia, et al asked you how your AUDIO connections are set-up for your td-6 you answered only about your midi and monitoring connections. and the example you gave of actually hearing audio from a midi trigger was from the software instruments on your computer.

                    you won't hear any audio from the td-6 unless you connect a cable to one of it's audio outputs.

                    so, do you have 1/4" cables running from either your td-6 direct or headphone outs to your delta or head?



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                      I only have MIDI going to/from the TD-6. It sounds like I need a 1/4" cable going back to the breakout box.

                      Can't believe I didn't think of that. <slaps forehead>

                      I mean, realllllly.


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                        hi dave -

                        i can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

                        if you are, sorry holmes, just trying to help. you never mentioned your audio connections.

                        if you're not, great! that's the problem. connect your direct outs to your breakout box and you will soon be hearing td-6 sounds.



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                          No, I'm being serious! I should've thought about the 1/4" cables from the TD-6. That was a boner move on my part. When I get home tonight I'll plug 'em in and see if I can get some sound from the TD-6.

                          Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.



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                            right on, dave. this all goes back to Billonakona's first post - that midi cables and connections only transfer MIDI data (such as note numbers, instruments, duration, velocity, etc), not actual sound! for sound you need to use the audio interface.

                            you will probably want to connect 2 1/4" cables to your breakout box so you can get two stereo channels. then you'll be able to hear all of your td-6 patches!

                            have fun,


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                              Hi guys - just got home and checked this thread: hope it all works now!