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Upgrade new TD-10 with TDW-1 card

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  • Upgrade new TD-10 with TDW-1 card

    Hi, I have recently bought a TD-10/v-drum pro kit, and am new to this scene. I want to upgrade the td 10 with the TDW-1 card.

    I haven't put any of my own data into the TD-10, so do I need to backup the preset drum kits before upgrading. If I dont backup and loose the orignal 50 kits, is there any way I can get them back? When the upgrade is complete, should I see 100 kits listed?

    I would be gratefull for any advice.

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    If you didn't make any user kits then it is not neccesary (difficult word for me) to back up things. With a TDW_1 installed the factory kits will be in a kind of shadow memory. Not visible when you turn on your td-10 but the kits can be restored with the COPY function. Only the kits 47-50 have changed. If you want to back up these, you can use Lee's VKitTrans. Available on this site