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sensitivity problems

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  • sensitivity problems

    Hello all,

    In the past month, I've noticed a change
    in the sensitivity and respone to my snare
    in particular. All of my grace notes sound loud and brash. It seems I've lost the eveness I was used to. I've tried to adjust
    the triggering but have gotten no real change. I've never had any luck figuring
    out the tension adjustment with the arrows.
    It seems that no matter how tight or loose I
    go it's never right. I play alot of funk
    grooves and I'm in deep **** with this.

    Can someone please help
    [email protected]

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    Check at the end of the post..
    I was having the same problem this week.

    Also try the search function.
    Dont worry about what the Module says about head tension...tune it like normal.


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      That's kind of the problem with using a membrane for electronics, it throws something with too many variables into the mix. Edrums are hard enough to get consistent triggering from anyway without making it harder than it has to be. The reason so many guys on the road use what Roland terms "entry level" rubber pads is that they're consistant from night to night. Every time I've used pads with real or mesh heads, I've had to spend too much time compensating for stretching due to temperature changes and humidity, even minute changes can make a huge difference in the way the pad tracks. The day someone makes an interface with fuzzy logic that can compensate automatically to these changes will be a major breakthrough.
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