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TD6 + Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0

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  • TD6 + Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0

    Ricardo Teixeira
    TD6k Amazed User

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    OK C. Jude, thanks for the reply.
    But, could someone help me, writting some kind of tutorial of how can i use my TD6 as a sound module ou a drum module using cakewalk pro audio 9?
    And, i have read in manual that i can record midi files to a new user song of the TD6 and then work with it as a new user song, selecting bass, guitars, strings, etc..
    Could some one give me a walkthru on how to do it, because, i have read hundred of times the manuals and i can understand it very well.
    Thanks in advance and sorry about my english, i portuguese!
    Bye and go on Drumming!!!!!!!!

    Ricardo Teixeira
    TD6k Amazed User


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      Just some quick\generic advice, not related to TD6 setup...

      1. Your soundcard most likely has better built-in (non-drum) instrument sounds than your TD6.

      2. I assume you've connected your TD6 midi IN\OUT to your soundcard's midi OUT\IN respectively (note IN goes to OUT, and OUT goes to IN).

      3. You should be able to add\enable\setup the soundcards midi ports in cakewalks midi setup menu.

      You should have one midi input ENABLED i.e. SOUNDCARDS MIDI IN port connected to TD6's out, or a Keyboard's OUT. If you have more than one soundcard or midi INPUT port, you can connect your TD6 and Keyboard at the same time. I just swap the cable when I need to switch TD6 to Keyboard. The MIDI IN port is for recording midi tracks from a Keyboard or your TD6 into Cakewalk.

      You should also have at least one MIDI OUT port enabled i.e. SOUNDCARD MIDI OUT port to TD6'S in. You probably will also have some internal soundcard synths built into your soundcard. I use Cubase VST but remember Cakewalk was pretty straight forward for setting up midi. See help files.

      4. Midi control...

      MIDI IN: You can select a midi track and recording drum or keyboard parts from your Kit or Keyboard.

      MIDI OUT: You can select the OUTPUT port, CHANNEL (drums on channel 10 typically), INSTRUMENT and\or PROGRAM for each midi track you record\play.

      5. To access the instrument sounds on your TD6, I'd have to see your manual. The TD10 manual seems to indicate that they're only accessable through creating "parts" and "patterns" . It seems like you should have access to those instruments through external midi though.
      Can anyone clear this up?