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TDW-1 Upgrade and Cymbal Volume?

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  • TDW-1 Upgrade and Cymbal Volume?

    I finally took the plunge and upgraded my TD10 with the TDW-1. One question I have though is that I noticed the cymbal volume on both of my crashes is now very low even at the highest vol settings. I checked the trigger settings and the two crashes are not maxing out on sesitivity even when I kill the pad. What is weird is that my ride is set to the same sens(6) and is fine. I double checked the pad setup and they all are set to PD9A.

    I can crank up the sensitivity but I'm guessing there is another setting somewhere since the ride dynamics seem fine. I have't adjusted anything else since the upgrade (yet).

    Any ideas?


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    press kit button and hold,then press (simultaneously)tools....when u see the little red dot next to the kit number on the display you're now in fader mode......the "others" fader is now toms only,the "backing" fader is now crashes or general cymbals,the "click" is now the ride volume...set all faders to middle then hit pads and adjust according to your taste........to exit fader mode hit kit button while pressing tools again......have fun

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