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big band seq.

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  • big band seq.

    hello. i have been partial to jam'n on the "big band seq" second to the end on my td-10.trying to move some vibraphone sound on to another pad i lost it completely.i cannot figure out how to locate that sound.it changed every time you hit it .i also lost some duo trigger function on the kick that played a kick drum & some xeilaphone sound that changed every hit at the same time.i'm considering restarting it some how and spending the time refinding my 7 kit set-ups.next gig on feb 22 work is hot, sounds like a lot of time, there must be an easier way.i'm sure the machine is vastly capable of more than i can grasp at this time,but this backyard mechanic can understand straight-forward directions if any one understands where i'm at ..drum on brothers, eddie zen.

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    If you haven't customized a bunch of other settings on that kit, you could take the simple approach and just overwrite it with the preset kit. Use the copy feature to do this (pg 137 of the TD-10 manual).

    Another approach is to overwrite some other kit with "big band seq" and look for the settings you need.

    When I'm doing some major tweaking on a kit trying to come up with new sounds, I back up my kit after each change. If you have a memory card, you can make life a lot easier in this respect.
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      And if you don't have a memory card, you can use VKitTrans, a nifty little program that is freely downloadable from the "Patches" section of this site. Happy tweaking!!
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