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Vertical KD-7, a.k.a. "extension thingie"

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  • Vertical KD-7, a.k.a. "extension thingie"

    here're the first photographs of my prototype:

    And one with the pedal:

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    The plate were the KD-7 will be hold is a little too thick so I'm planning to replace it.

    I haven't glue it yet. I wanted to try it to see if the size and everything is ok. So far so good!


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      Looks good. Wonder if it'll be louder/quieter than the normal KD-7 setup. Hope it works well for you!


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        Originally posted by pjames:
        Looks good. Wonder if it'll be louder/quieter than the normal KD-7 setup.
        Louder. No doubt! I wonder if the pedal can hit it. Sure you want that angle with a normal padel?

        Nice thing btw.


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          I have built three of those similar to yours. I have one for the KD-7 (with a single upright member). One for the Pintech Ergokik and one to mount a Pintech CC-101-ST. They may not be much quieter but they certainly work better. Those beaters were never meant to be inverted!!! Bad mechanics!!

          P.S.: The Pintech CC-101-ST feels the closest to a real drum and is the quietest!
          I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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            I haven't played much with it since it's not finished yet (glue, paint, etc). But I can tell you that's certanly much quieter. Not so much in the same room but a relief for my family in the rest of the house and the neighbours downstairs.
            And as Claymore said It's easier to play than the *perverted* beaters.

            Hielko, the angle of the plate is to make the KD-7's small rubber pad to be vertical and aligned with the beater.
            Originally I considered disamble the KD-7 and mount the trigger (rubber part and ring) directly in the wooden plate. In this way I could mount this plate vertically making the cutting of the lateral plates much more easier. But after considering the risks I abandoned the idea.


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              Looks great! When can we see the technical drawings???
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