I have a little bit of an issue and want to get a little feedback. If there are any discussions already here, I'm sorry, I just couldn't find it.
I have 2 KD-120's and still have my KD-7. I use the KD-7 just for extra sounds (not bass sounds) and sometimes like it hooked up to my SPD-20 and sometimes like it hooked up to my TD-10. I know what some of you are saying: "just buy another KD-7". I'm just running out of floor space and don't use it enough to justify it.
I had the bright idea tonight of builing a box to run the KD-7 in to and run 2 outs: 1 to the TD-10 and 1 to the SPD-20. There would be a DPST switch that I could choose where I wanted it to go. Does anyone see any big problems here? I'm thinking trigger delay maybe a little bit of a problem but not so much to notice. Any input would be great. And as always, we thank you for your support.