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BBE ins & outs

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  • BBE ins & outs

    Hey guys
    I have a BBE 862 with two pairs of ins(1/4 and XLR) and two pairs of outs (1/4 and XLR)
    I was thinking about sending two cables from TD-8 direct outs and other two from master outs directly to BBE´s four ins.I want the directs to go to band´s PA and masters to my JBL´s.
    Now the ? is this:
    Will the direct outs work separetely from the masters on BBE?? Can I turn the volume up or down on td-8 master volume without affecting PA drum sound ??
    BBE manual says i shouldn´t work with both pairs of ins at the same time bacause of different signal received but i think they mean two different devices with different output signals. Am I wrong??
    Since the both pairs are getting the same signal from the four td-8 outs I think it will work fine.
    What do you think about this????