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Anyone here use the EMU Esi-2000 with their vdrum pads?

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  • Anyone here use the EMU Esi-2000 with their vdrum pads?

    I have been doing some research with the help of some of you on this board. I've come to the conlclusion that the esi2k will probably be my best bet - however, I would like to ask you all if you have any experience with the unit. It has 64 voices, and max ram is 128. I'm sure this will accomodate cymbal rolls, for an example.

    So, triggering single drum shots using vdrum pads is one application. The other application is triggering sound fx from the SPD20 at a live gig (How well can I also trigger a one minute stereo sample?)



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    Also, I heard the DAC on the esi2k isn't that great when compared to the e6400 for an example. Is this true?