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After two years, TD-10 has problems.

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  • After two years, TD-10 has problems.

    I've had my v-pro's w/TD-10EXP now for two years, and never had a problem that wasn't a result of my ignorant system knowledge. However, I now have a problem that probably requires a service tech along with a big bill to boot! For some reason my low tones are coming out distorted. If I select "Pile Drive" for my kick, change the shell to deep for that extra bass sound and kick it med-hard I get some serious distortion. At the same setting, if I lightly kick it, it sound like it's supposed to. This also occurs with my toms when I have a deep low setting. I tried everything I could think of to fix it myself and nothing works. I bought new cords, swapped pads, cleaned the jacks and every input on the back of the 10. I also cleaned the inputs for each pad with electrical cleaner. Nothing seems to work! The last resort was to re-initialize the TD-10 which I just tried to no avail. The problem isn't significant to my master outs only. It does this through each of my direct outs and through the headphones as well. Has anyone ever had a problem similar to this that could shed some light on what I could expect? I think there may be some dust inside the unit that could have corrupted something causing corrosion to some of the sensitive guts. I live on a dirt road and my house does get dusty from time to time. It could be that I need to store the TD-10 in a case or bag or something to keep the dust off. Thanks for any help or advice you can give. I had just asked for advice a few days ago on some speakers I plan to buy soon. Depending on how serious this is, I may have to put them on hold to pay the blood-sucking repair man/woman

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    hey whats up?? Im not sure what kind of speakers and subs you may run out of-But when I just strickley use my MASTER OUTS-for big bass sounds on kicks or so-on-I sometimes have this kind of real heavy distortion bass sounds as well-I have tweeked this sound and distortion by lowering my STUDIO levels on that particular instrument--then when I run them out to speakers I raise them on my volume switches located on the main TD-10-You can also go through all the EQ settings-(when in EQ ----Que your bass drum by hitting and activating it-it will say "kick on the top"-) then check all low bass levels-also ""FOR SURE""-tweek out your EFFECTS levels-and tweek out the AMBIENCE levels-this process im sure will help you out if it makes any sense to you-IM sure your TD is just fine-Just be patient and play around with everything-

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      Thanks for the help Boom. I did tweak around with it and managed to get the distortion to stop. I don't understand why it does it even after reseting the TD-10. I would think Roland would have those particular sounds "set" from the factory so we don't run into these problems. It's nice to know I'm not alone in the distortion experience


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        No problem-I use really low end sounds on a regular basis all the time-I do alot of dance tracks with my gear-and this has bugged me forever----laters-


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          Did you try reinitializing the machine?
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            Originally posted by jrcel:
            Did you try reinitializing the machine?
            Yes he did. Re-read his post.


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              You Ken Guys seem to have the worst Luck. Contact cleaner used on your TD-10 EEEEKKKK
              Your asking for Problems using that crap might as well go get gum out carb cleaner. You can overdrive any speakers with Bass its the hardest to EQ if it has distortion its being cliped. What type of system you running for Personel monitoring whats your onboard compressor set at. Toos fast an attack and release time can actually Clip the tops off the lower frequencies,usually causing an unpleasant form of distortion.


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                "Your asking for Problems using that crap might as well go get gum out carb cleaner"
                Doug, I don't know what type of cleaner you've used in the past but I wouldn't use any thing that leaves a film residue or does more harm than good. If you use "Gum out carb cleaner" I dont' recommend it and certainly wouldn't use it on my gear. Concerning the compressor setting, everything is factory pre-set because I "re-initialized" the system. Regardless of whether or not I have the compressor on or off the distortion continues. Try this: On the kick drum setting, choose #609(PileDrv)then go to Inst Edit and change the shell depth to Deep. Next, take your Mixer setting for the kick anywhere between 100-127 and turn the Kick group fader all the way up and see if you get distortion in your headphones or speakers. It doesn't matter how much I turn up my phones or master volume (send to speakers), I still get major distortion. I just got my unit back from the shop and the Tech said there was nothing wrong with it. He got the same distortion as I mentioned but in order to cancell it, he turned down the mixer,group faders and volume controls. Maybe I just run things too hot but I don't understand how this TD-10 can suddenly start sending distorting signals from the factory pre-sets.

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