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PC to V-drum Midi File Transfer

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  • PC to V-drum Midi File Transfer

    Our drummer has a V-drum. I have a PC with Cubase VST. I want to export Midi files from the PC to the V-drum module and store them there. Is this possible to do? Does the V-drum module need a memory card to store the file?

    I have not been able to work with the drummers module yet to find out if this can be done (I keep asking him to bring it here to find out). I am sure we can do this, just not sure of the details (no PDF user manual available on the web).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi there,

    Can you please be more specific about what kind of midifiles you want to store in the TD 10, and why?

    Thanks John



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      I want to write a drum part, say four bars, with kick, snare, hh, not too complicated. I want to export this track as a midi file to the V-drum and play it there, probably as a loop the drummer can trigger. It would be used on gigs, the band would play along with the loop.

      Thanks again.


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        I forgot, the drummer has a TD-8 module.