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output td-10

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  • output td-10

    i have a lot of signal noise on the output of my TD 10. This is not the case at the headset output. Does anyone experience the same problem?
    By out put noise I mean noise which is there whwn you are not playing.

    Thanks John


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    We're right in the middle of recording, and during one song I decided to do the drums midi and separate each channel to it's own recorded track (bass, snare, hihat, etc).

    On listening back to the tracks I noticed a HUGE amount of noise that scared the crap out of me. After doing some isolation work, I found out that it was actually my personal rack mixer and cables that I was using. So I just routed two 8 foot 1/4" cables (not xlr) straight from the TD-10 into the recording board. My noise dropped to *zero*. Once the sound from the TD-10 stopped playing on the recorded track, there was no discernable noise at all.

    Oh, I also found out that the metronome leaks even if it's set to headphone only on the TD-10, so I made sure that was turned off. ALSO, the Mix In leaks as well, so I made sure nothing was plugged into that either.

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      1. grounding the unit is very very important.
      2. a member (I believe it was Feefer) posted a message in which he describes some modifactions to the power supply. Please search for that topic.
      3. use the tips Louis mentioned.
      4. check sound systems and outboard gear (have them grounded too). Sometimes they cause more noise than the TD-10. My ddrum has zero noise. The JBL EON G2 has.


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        Just to add to what was said about cables. For your speakers, having the better cable can help as well. This is one area where getting a better shielding cable will keep the noise out of the speaker's down.

        Outboard gear: Focusrite Compounder, Drawmer MX-30, BBE-482, Aphex C-104, Behringer T1951 4-Band Parametric Tube EQ, Lexicon MPX1, Mackie 1402-VLZ, (Crown K2 amp & Cerwin Vega V-253 speakers = 1600 watts @ 4 ohms continues power, peak at 3000 watts) and Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones.


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          I thank you all for youre reply.
          However when I tried a new TD 10 module in the store it also had a lot of noise by itself on the master outputs.
          To me it seems thst the TD 10 has a low "signal to noise" value.

          Has anyone numbers of that and what are you experiencing ???

          Thanks John