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How to assign rim shots to cymbals?

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  • How to assign rim shots to cymbals?

    After reading and following the procedure in
    the manual 3 times I CANNOT figure out how
    to assign a sound to my dual trigger cymbal
    pad.One cymbal pad works fine-when you hit
    the rim it makes a different sound.But my
    other dual zone cymbal pad does not.I have
    tried hitting the rim button and assigning
    a different sound to the rim but it does not
    work.Can I only have 1 cymbal with 2 sounds?
    I have followed the manual word for word and
    it will not assign the sound to the rim.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    You should be able to assign a sound to the rim of each cymbal. Check that you have a stereo cable and make sure it is connected securely on both ends. Be aware of your technique when striking the pad. You have to use a rim shot that hits the rim and pad. You can't just hit the rim. Be certain that you have selected the proper pad assignment (PD7/9) for that input as well.
    Good luck.

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      It sounds like you just want a sound on the rim, and you're not trying to do an actual "rim shot", so you don't need to worry about hitting the rim and pad at the same time.

      First two things to check are as Arriguy said: make sure you have a stereo cable, and make sure that the input is set to the proper pad. Hopefully that'll do the trick.


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        Also check the individual pad volume. I've been where you're at only to find the rim volume at zero. Your trigger bank settings could be really whacked out, like threshhold all the way up or sensitivity all the way down. That usually isn't the case. You could copy the preset trigger bank settings over your user setting to get it back to factory defaults if you suspect something wrong in that area.

        Switch pads (one which works with one that does not) to verify the pad isn't the problem.
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          Thank's you solved the problem.I was using a
          mono cable instead of a stereo cable for the
          dual trigger pads.


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            Glad to help. Thanks for letting us know what it turned out to be.