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don't know how to mount the cymbals on my new V-Club/td-6k

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  • don't know how to mount the cymbals on my new V-Club/td-6k

    I have just had my new V-Club/td-6k kit but don't know how to mount the cymbals as I seem to have too many parts.
    Here is what I have
    1. metal washer
    2. thin black felt washer
    3. metal block which I think goes under the cymbal to stop it from turning
    4. little white round tube
    5. big grey felt washer
    6. black plastic screw that goes on the top

    What I want to know is, what do I have to use as they will not all fit on together.

    Maybe one of you nice people could take a picture to show me :-)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I dispensed with the felts and washers, and just used the anti-swivel block and screw (3 and 6 on your list).

    The felts and other parts seem unnecessary with a CY6, and as you said - there's no way you can get all those bits on anyway.


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      Thanks for your info guys.

      Do any of you have a little white tuble going through the middle of your cymbals.


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        The little tube is called a cymbal sleeve. It is for use with acoustic cymbals. when you have 2 pieces of metal rubbing together, the softer of the 2 (brass) will wear out. Ever seen a cymbal with a notch in the mounting hole? That is called keyholing and is caused by not using sleeves. The sleeves, metal wing nuts, large metal washers and extra felt washers are for mounting acoustic cymbals on your rack.